Welcome to Landsurv Pty Ltd & The Green Geomatic Group Pty Ltd
Land and Construction Surveyors, NSW & QLD


We have secured arrangements to grow into Engineering design with liaisons with Kempe Engineering at Beenleigh. This will allow us to have an office in Beenleigh using Kempe Engineers facilities in return for their presence in our new Tweed Office. This relationship will enhance our service to achieve superiority over the competition.

We are also planning to merge with a local engineering firm to expand our in-house service to clients.

Through the use of computer technology and the internet, we are frequently transferring data between ourselves and clients’ offices in order to deliver jobs ahead of time.

We use computer programs written by one of our associate’s staff members in Sydney to complete fieldwork this program has over 100 users in the Roads and Traffic Authority NSW and TAFE colleges statewide and provides unique ability to carry out difficult survey tasks by remote means thereby enhancing the manufacturer’s product.

We have devised a way of staging the release of title within high-rise developments in Queensland which could have saved the developers of the Q1 building millions of dollars.

We also supply Private Certification of Strata schemes if required which allows certification of plans in seven days instead of the usual twenty days or more by Council, representing a huge cost saving to larger clients. This idea has been very successful in securing jobs over our competitors.

We are presently involved in the establishment of a system that allows settlement of strata property title prior to construction which will allow enormous savings to developers. We will be the first to use the patented system in NSW if it is carried to completion.

We are part of preliminary discussions to subdivide an ocean liner into strata-style units with separate titles on the high seas.