Customer Service

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Customer Service

Customer service is a priority first and foremost for our business.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that clients are aware of when we will be there to carry our surveys by calling prior to the survey and ensuring that the client remains informed during the entire development.

From the moment a client enters our premises, he or she is greeted on arrival and asked their requirements.  We then refer the client immediately to a surveyor who will continue to interview them and advise on their requirements.  We have provided comfortable waiting chairs and a cool drinking water dispenser for the client’s comfort.  Off-street parking is available with a minimum distance to the entry of the building.  We always have a surveyor at the office to handle any phone inquiries and visitors’ inquiries.  We are able to re-program jobs to meet modified deadlines required by clients.  Our new premises at 14 Enid Street Tweed Heads which will allow board room facilities and a more comfortable environment.

Where possible, we allow our clients to meet and discuss things with the person carrying out their work to enable a total understanding of their requirements and to discuss the different ways that the job may be handled.

We have the same surveyor carry the job right through from start to finish where possible and this enables a relationship to build with the foreman or principal of the job that ensures that the surveyor is fully informed of changes and priorities of the job. This has proven to be an important means of attracting ongoing work.

Our equipment levels are high and up to date with the latest technological advances and this ensures efficiencies on the job through faster or better results and allows us to venture into areas of expertise beyond the norm.

We are aware that our work is recognized often as to how perfectly pegs are placed and the way they are identified.  We ensure that our pegs are always vertical and marked with an additional peg suited to the conditions such as high grass and that indicator pegs are marked with bright flashing tape and we are happy for the surveyor to walk the job with the client on completion.

We provide a full range of survey expertise to carry through developments of land from the planning stage to the issue of new titles.

We have an in-house planner working closely with the management of the business and our surveyors do not work to so-called regular hours but rather as required to ensure that the client’s needs are fulfilled.