Project Management

Landsurv's onsite and offsite project management across their client base is fundamental in terms on time, and on budget projects.

We have the same surveyor carry the job right through from start to finish where possible and this enables a relationship to build with the foreman or principal of the job that ensures that the surveyor is fully informed of changes and priorities of the job. This has proven to be an important means of attracting ongoing work. We have an inhouse planner working closely with the management of the business and our surveyors do not work to so called regular hours but rather as required to ensure that the clients needs are fulfilled.
Through careful planning, organising and the management of resources, we will ensure a successful completion of all the project's goals and objectives. Quality project plans are developed for all projects and our project manager will oversee the delivery of your project from start to finish to achieve the project objectives of scope, quality and cost.